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Jul 26, 2013 9:00pm PDT
piece. >> i would think so, yes. >> but bill's defense attorney was determined to tell a different story and came out swinging with a stunning never-before-seen piece of evidence. a statement from a then 17-year-old named linda primrose given to the police just a few months after the murders. she said she actually saw the murders happen with her own eyes. >> linda told the police that she was there. she told the police how they were killed. >> linda primrose took the police right to the crime scene and gave them a detailed account of what happened including details which had not been made public. >> and it matched what the police found. >> it matched what the police found. >> the primrose statement named the killer, a crazed and violent 5'8" hispanic man named ernie. when she took the stand at the trial, linda primrose retracted her original statement, said it was nothing but lies. >> she told the jury that she remembers making those statements back in 1962 but that she lied. that those were false statements. >> the defense was stunned. but they came back with another bombshell that now
Jul 29, 2013 2:00am PDT
he used those to wrap all -- the defense said none of that happened, that lyle was not guilty because leslie wasn't murdered. she's not even dead. >> i don't want you to expect on closing that there's going to be any perry mason moments and leslie is going to walk through the door and say here i am. i will tell you at the conclusion of this trial, there will be more than sufficient evidence to believe that she could. >> i wish they were right. i would love to be hugging my sister and i wish that were true. but i know who she is and i know she's not alive. >> after a 3 1/2 week trial, a jury agreed with osha. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant lyle herring sr. guilty of the crime of murder. >> june 2013, lyle herring was sentenced to 15 years to life for murder in the second degree. it's not quite the end, because lyle is holding on to one last secret from a marriage that apparently had a lot of them. he's never told anyone where leslie's body is. >> lyle's probably going to see this program. >> i know. >> anything you want to stay to him? >> yes. >> we pray
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2